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Useful Information

Autism Awareness Cards


This card is produced by Autism West Midlands working with The Police. It gives you space to write the name of a trusted person on the back.  Its purpose is that, for anyone who is out about in the community and is in a stressful situation, they can show it to any professionals (such as police officers) and they can contact the trusted person. You can find it here.

Personalized cards can be created for members of the Autism Hub, please ask us about this.


Walking for Health Shrewsbury


For more information see the link below

Walking for Health


For those registered with the Autism Hub, we run our own walking for health group for hub members.




Picasso Legal


Picasso Legal has teamed up with A4U to offer free initial legal consultations by pre arranged appointment at Louise House.


Picasso Legal's, Louise Clayton, will be offering free legal advice on wills, inheritance, probate and Lasting Powers of Attorney.


Solicitors Louise Whitehead will be available for free consultations on divorce and family law, including issues reguarding children and finances.


All Legal consultations throughout the day will be completely FREE. To book your private 30 minute consultation, please call Picasso Legal on 01952 303004 or send an email to [email protected]


Safe Places


Louise House is part of the safe places scheme. This is run by a number of people including Shropshire Council and West Mercia Police. The idea is to provide a safe haven for people to go to, if they need assistance.


To find out how it works and where it available see our facebook page.


More can be found out about the scheme from the links below






Artists on the Autism Spectrum


Doug Bayliss is a local Shropshire Artist on the Autism Spectrum. He has setup an online art space. Its aim is to allow artists with autism to share their work through various ways to get their skills recognised.

If you would like to find out more or contact him, please go to the following links.


Doug’s Website

Doug’s Facebook Page

Autistic Art Space Facebook Page


If you are an artist on the Autism Spectrum, live in Shropshire and would like to meet up in an Autism Friendly Place. You are more than welcome at the Shropshire Autism Hub at Louise House in Shrewsbury. It is held every Thursday 12-Noon to 4pm.


Autism and Airports


Manchester Airport has fabulous autism awareness support for people traveling who are on the spectrum. You get a wristband which allows a person with autism and their family/party to go through fast track security checks. Your also can get a information pack which gives loads of information to reduce peoples anxiety. It is a free to use service.


News story about the scheme

Manchester News


Manchester airport information link

Airport Link

For more information and to apply for it click this link